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The American culture is shaped

by the sights and sounds that  stimulate our senses.


Early childhood development includes songs, rhymes and a

myriad of sounds that get us

to respond gets our attention.


From our adolescent years to adulthood, music is used to shape our actions, (dance) thoughts (singing) and overall emotions.


People use Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter to communicate

photos, graphics and music are embedded on our computers and mobile devices.


Arts & Entertainment are inescapable and are embedded into our social lives.


SpecEvent Entertainment is all about enriching your audio and visual experience with top quality sound systems and cameras.


Our videography captures your images and events and our

production adds the hollywood

style of effects. We are all

about memorializing your new beginnings and creating lasting impressions with superior quality.

We provide sound systems, music and entertainment for weddings, road races, parties, sporting events and special events.

We also offer video production and event photography.

We offer discounts on multiple bookings and do not charge for fuel or travel to your event

Looking for a fundraising event to support a charity, buy new equipment or just kick-off a new campaign for your agency,

club or organziation?


We will sit down with you and help you plan your event, recommend vendors and provide you with resources in a professional

and courteous manner. We have been providing a variety of services in musical entertainment, event management and

production since 1989. Let our agency provide you with the elite service that you deserve.

 PRO MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SERVICE We can put a Pro Mobile Disc Jockey System on site that costs $650.00, $1,000.00 or $5,000. Do you want to know what makes the difference? The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Maroon 5, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Elton John....the music that we play at all of these venues really doesn’t matter. Do you know why? A party scene could include Cristal Champagne, Dom Perignon and some of the best food from top chef restaurants in New York, Chicago, New Orleans or San Francisco and all points in between but when it comes to producing and hosting special events, nothing is greater than experience. You pay for experience. It pays to have your event producer manage your playlist and organize equipment that can be used and customized just for you. We sit down with you and discuss the details of your event. Every event is special and we can make changes in an instant. Contact us when you are bidding out your next event.

We provide deejays and sound systems for large sporting events.

Shamrock Shuffle 8K Run - 2012

In 2014, we are launching products and promoting other businesses that focus on healthy lifestyles, fitness, food and entertainment. Enter Nerium Age Defying skincare.


Nerium SkinCare, Inc. ® develops, formulates, and manufactures for the consumer the "first of its kind" natural skin care products for topical use. Nerium SkinCare's products are founded on new technology, core science, and continuing research.

Nerium SkinCare
 is dedicated to offering skin care solutions that are based on proven science. Product development is a result of continuing research at leading medical institutions to develop high quality cosmetics and OTC products using the latest scientific methods and technology. Utilization of a new patented extraction technology NBio-PL² ™ and the resulting new NAE-8 ® (Nerium Aloe Extract) ingredient has allowed Nerium SkinCare to develop for the consumer an ever expanding pipeline of cosmetic dermal/topical skin applications/products for beneficial use by the consumer.

Quality Statement - As a commitment to quality, Nerium SkinCare does not compromise on what goes into its products. The quality of Nerium Skincare’s products is a direct result of the investment into the people, scientific research, new technology development, natural farming methods, biomass processing, production, and product safety testing. Please visit my Nerium page for more information.



Are you thinking about planning a fund raiser?
Indoor Dance Party - no cancellation guaranteed How about a Dance Party with nothing but the most popular high energy music, LED and uplighting
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